Raving Fans

by David Jenyns

We could tell you how great we are but we think it’s stronger if our clients tell you what they think…

“He just opens the kimono and tells you everything…” – Roger Baartz

“It was almost like a matrix” – Ian Howard

“More than just SEO” – Daniel Billingham

“Absolute wealth of knowledge” – Nick Edwards

“I wish I had built my website after I went to this course…” – John McClusky

“Clearly knows his stuff and is really good at teaching it” – Steve Ovens

“The guy’s a freak” – Mark Hayward

“The standout session was the one on outsourcing” – Paul Hutchison

“He shared very freely, no question went unanswered…” – Paul Hanson

“The Initial SEO Method was my turning point…” – Ryan T Malone

“He’s very honest, very transparent…” – Alan Kirke

And one more…

Here’s a few extra audio interviews with some people who follow my SEO methods:

Jeff Gardner – www.motorhomes.com.au
Click here to download the MP3.

Piotr Dancewicz – www.goodgood.com.au
Click here to download the MP3.

James McGowan – www.seomarketingspecialists.com
Click here to download the MP3.

Still looking for more proof? Check out this amazing client case studies.

Click here for more Melbourne SEO Services client case studies

Questions? Click here to contact us – we’re here to help.


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