Looking For A Simple, Proven, Step-By-Step Formula For Growing Your Online Business?

by David Jenyns

What You’ll Discover:

  • Fluff-free strategies for marketing and promoting your business
  • A simple formula to calculate your business’ profit potential before risking a cent
  • How to make marketing manageable and doable even with a busy schedule
  • The roadmap for doubling your business, no matter what the economy is doing
  • How to avoid big markteting mistakes solo small business owners make

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Here’s what people said about Competition Crusher after seeing it for themselves for the first time:

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Here’s What A Few Others Had To Say About The Competition Crusher.

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I finished watching the Competition Crusher Workshop videos yesterday- what a fantastic workshop, I really think that for me this is one of your absolute best! Watching the videos was like reading a great novel- I literally couldn’t stop watching them, I was so keen to see the whole picture as soon as possible.

In this course David shares some of his best information about business, SEO, autoresponders, press releases and more. I am in the early phase of a new business venture, and the information’s arrival couldn’t have been more timely. I was starting to be sucked into that ‘exchanging-my-time-for-money’ vortex, and have known for several months that I needed a plan to leverage my time and restructure my service-based business into something that supports the needs of our young and very time-demanding family- I now have a blueprint to follow thanks to this workshop.

I always come away from Dave’s courses feeling that I have just consumed information at the cutting edge- I also know that Dave and his team take time to test their methods before they share them, so I know I am learning cutting edge stuff that works and is white hat, which is very important to me. I really like learning from Dave- he is a great teacher, his pace of delivery is good, and his use of stories and examples makes it easy to absorb information.

There were so many golden nuggets in this course- even after the intro video I had a my new business plan mapped out, and was ready to learn the detail of implementation which was provided in the remainder of the course.

Dave himself acknowledges that this information is not quick fix or actionable all in one go. He recommends a step-by-step approach, and reminds the viewer that this sort of stuff takes time to implement. Along with the video sessions, a list of resources is provided to assist with implementation- the most valuable resource in my opinion being Dave and his team!

As always the recordings were of top quality- excellent sound quality, great video. I liked the more casual shots that were peppered through the video- the expressions on the audience’s faces, people taking notes and Dave’s hand movements as he talks- this is something that wasn’t in previous courses, and I thought it was an interesting addition as it gave me that sense of being in a seminar room with a group of like-minded business people.

Having consumed them all very rapidly, I’ll now go back and watch each video again one at a time and implement step by step as Dave recommended.

Thank you for making this information available- you need to charge more for it- it’s priceless!

And thank you especially for the opportunity to review the course- I feel very honoured to have been asked, and very thankful that it was information that I absolutely needed right now.

Many, many thanks and kind regards,

Jacki Kearslake BDS March 4, 2015

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I was expecting good quality content seminar but filmed on a video cam like most seminars. However the production quality of these videos is first class. The content is also great – especially if you’re just starting as it provides quite a comprehensive overview.

If you’re more experienced you’ll learn a lot from how a professional SEO / Offline consulting business goes about it and pick up lots of little nuggets too. I particularly like the Yellow Pages vs Google video – a great marketing idea.

There is a lot of content there and I’ve yet to go through it all.

Hypno Hugh March 4, 2015

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As Dave mentions, he is busy building his own businesses and shares his own real world experience on what is working for him and his clients, so this information is definitely high quality and actionable.

The first module sets the scene by explaining exactly how and why he plans out his businesses before he even begins, so you can get your strategy right before delving into tactics. This module alone is one of the most valuable as Dave shares his map and strategy for his own businesses.

The following modules then provide in depth content on seo, auto responders, social media and more, an amazing amount of content and value for the price. A step by step plan to produce results!

Martin Gessner March 4, 2015

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Dave once again you are a legend.

The information Dave covers is an in depth look at how to become an authority and leader in your business.

Dave walks you through the steps of business models to crushing your competition online. Importantly Dave also shows you the mistakes that were made over the years which is what I learn’t a lot from.

I have been following Daves strategies and advice with great success over the years and have no hesitation in leaving this testimonial for him.

The entire course/presentation has a lot of content and good actionable step you can take to drive your business further.

Arturo March 4, 2015

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Long story short – I followed David’s instructions to the dot and got results. Even last week, I got a question from another warrior asking what is the justification of doing X. I told him, if people of the caliber of David Jenyns, James Schramko, Dan Thies or Leslie Rhodie recommend doing it, I won’t even question about the validity of the particular method. Such is the confidence I have in these people.

Guys, don’t even think twice, grab it, educate yourselves and dominate first page!

P.S. I’ve only had time to go through the SEO Crusher module yet and I can tell you it is filled with plenty of SEO tips and tricks.

Chucky March 4, 2015

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These videos are excellent and filled with content.

There is a lot of rubbish out there in the IM & SEO fields but you can be sure that anything that comes from David Jenyns is the real deal. Anything he produces is top-notch.

If you have any doubt about him just watch his YouTube channel which has a ton of videos packed with useful information.

Guys get these videos now and you should also check out his SEO Method 2.0 if you need to learn about ranking in the big “G”.

irishsolar March 4, 2015

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Excellent! I trust very few IM experts and david jennyns is one of them. Anytime he comes out with a new product, i buy it.

This one is so full of information, i dont think david should be sharing this for the price he is, but its david what can i say.

This guy laid everything bare!

Guys.get.this now! you cant regret it!

Synaptium March 4, 2015

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Excellent! I trust very few IM experts and david jennyns is one of them. Anytime he comes out with a new product, i buy it.

This one is so full of information, i dont think david should be sharing this for the price he is, but its david what can i say.

This guy laid everything bare!

Guys.get.this now! you cant regret it!

irishsolar March 4, 2015

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You truly are one of Australia’s Leading Seo Experts! You’re also a wonderful teacher! A lot of experts have a hard time explaining themselves, not you!

Folks listen, Every Module in CompCrusher is thorough enough they they all could be individual WSO’s!

David answered all of my “internal” questions about Google Places, and I learned a couple of things about how to implement his particular method that i’d never thought of personally!

The module on Conversion is the truth! David breaks down how to construct an offer that is irresistable and also teaches all of the underlying/foundational psychology taking you into the mind of your buyer and showing you how to effectively build rapport, trust in order that you may successfully sell them your product or service!

Great Job David! Thanks so Much!


whodeeni March 4, 2015

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Just wanted to give some quick feedback on the Competition Crusher workshop, since I just finished watching it.

I picked up some really great information that’s making me rethink how I’m building my business. The first session about the master plan was priceless. I really enjoyed that one and got straight to work sketching out my own master plan. I’m fairly experienced in SEO and the other IM strategies that Dave speaks about but I still got a bunch of great “nuggets” and experienced many A-ha moments throughout the course. I learned a lot by watching Dave explain the various elements of his business and website and understood how I can implement the same in my own business. It’s a ton of content and easy to get overwhelmed so it’s something that I know I’ll be coming back to as I implement each piece.

I was highly inspired by the web video module to go out and create my own videos. Plus the final video demo got my laughing so hard I literally fell off my chair. It was so awesome! :)

I want to thank Dave for making this available. I highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to build an online business.

Nisheth Joshi March 4, 2015

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It is an amazing product. I never thought I would watch all those videos in a day. Infact I did. I really liked the quality of information shared there. David knows what he is talking about. I really liked the 3rd and 4th videos very much. It had all the information I was looking for and will help me in my SEO works.

What amazes me is the body language that he exhibits in the videos. It helps us learn more. I would recommend the product to all my warriors.

itlnoor March 4, 2015

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I almost skipped past the first video because it starts out with Dave telling his story and I was thinking “just get to the point, I want the meat of the program not your life history”.

BIG, BIG mistake.

I’m glad I held on and kept watching because it would’ve been my loss not to have seen what was coming next.

Yes, Dave tells his story, but it’s an internet marketers story and if you know how to listen it is JAM PACKED with valuable information.

What unfolded was a literal goldmine of marketing gems that I’m glad I stayed around for.

Trust me – this guy knows his stuff! He’s the real deal and that will become super obvious to you if you get these videos and watch them. You’ll pick up a wealth of knowledge and at the price he’s selling this for you’d be hard pressed to convince me there’s a better use of $7 than getting this – if you’re serious about internet marketing! (or business building in general) this would be a valuable addition to your library.

I know I “gushed over” in my review but that’s what happens when you run across something this good. Sorry. Get them and you’ll see what I mean. Remember – I almost bailed out early in the first video. that would’ve been a BIG mistake.

And that’s my honest review!

Vrs March 4, 2015

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I got Davids original course the Seo method 18 months ago and it’s the information in it gave me the confidence to take two SEO businesses and fast track them where they both each do 5 figures each per month and growing.

The crusher system is of high quality too and I guarantee if you listen to what David says you will dominate your markets.

Vrs March 4, 2015

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Dave you are mad! You are giving this course away. I absolutely loved this course and the teaching style.

Leanne King March 4, 2015

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Dave’s Competition Crusher video series LIVE workshop has blown me away. Watch this entire excellent presentation while watching over his shoulders. Dave exposes closely guarded SEO secrets that the gurus don’t want you to know about. Everything was made clear and understandable very easy to follow steps presented in each module. With power point slides and illustrations. This is a complete business in a box with resources and references. As a treat you get to see one of Dave’s internet business website SEO Break down live. From proper tags, back linking Optimization on and off page. No wonder his companies get # 1 listings consistently, from websites to Google places plus everything in between. Leverage social media platforms and autoresponders to build a long lasting relationship with your heard. Awesome and powerful stuff. This is what sets his course apart he does what he teaches, so honest and truthful.

The is a steal, consider if you had to pay for travel & accommodation expenses plus the seminar fee on top of that would set you back about $1,500 or more. But you get to watch and learn at your pace form the members area website which is cool. You can watch the streaming video any time or download the sessions. I found the entire course teaching all correct fundamentals to advanced strategies which will benefit the newbie to experienced marketers. You’ll get your website and video’s cracking the first page in the SERP’S in no time. Understand it is a process and you can outsource the tasks if you want to. Then concentrate on building and marketing your online – offline business and dominate your local markets. I would highly recommend picking up this outstanding course, definitely one of the better classroom instructions I’ve seen in a while.

Sean Romero March 4, 2015

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David Jenyns truly is a legend. Not only is he obviously an expert on what he is talking about but he is also a great teacher and gives away so much information so cheaply! There is no hyped sales pitches just straight up great content that delivers.

I’ve been watching Dave for a few years now devouring his podcasts, blog content and any other videos I could find of his. Through out all this time Dave has consistently delivered great value and strategies/tactics that work.

The Competition Crusher is no different. Great content, great value, great teaching, great quality video and audio. If I was to sum it up in one word that word would be…. awesome! (Great x Great x Great = Awesome).

David always leaves you feeling inspired to that you can achieve online success if you simply follow a systematic formula and stick at it.

Here’s the thing though. It’s one thing to hear and see great content. It’s another thing to put it into ACTION. I can guarantee if you put this training into action you will see results that would take you years to learn on your own.

Best of all he’s a local Melbourne boy!! :)

Kestrel Blackmore March 4, 2015

default image

Awesome Dave,

As I expect from you, CompCrusher is chock full of great info.

It’s going to take a few times through to soak it up. But it’s worth it.

You make my head spin.

Melbourne ftw

Timothy March 4, 2015

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I’m always impressed by the things I learn from Dave. He tells it how it is and the information works. I learned some very useful information about how to get my clients to take action once I get them to the website.

At this point Dave is just about the only person I listen to when it comes to the topic of SEO. What I’ve learned in the two study courses I’ve done has put me light years ahead of any of the businesses in my city.

Great Stuff!

Mike Hamilton March 4, 2015

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Dave Jenyns is a very good communicator. I love the way he gives his viewers the background behind how he has arrived at where he is today.

Having been in the SEO industry myself since 2001, I have found many of Dave’s techniques to be somewhat similar to what we already practice ourselves, with a few subtle differences. I can speak from repeatable experience that if people follow the step by step guides that Competition
Crusher outlines, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that why others can’t succeed at their chosen niche as well.

We already dominate solid commercial terms in the industries we service for our SEO services. I am really looking forward to putting some of the other “ninja tactics” to the test for some affiliate offers.

Dallas Kelso March 4, 2015

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I’ve only finished the first 3 modules so far, but it’s great stuff – I can’t wait to hear the rest. I rightfully expected that a lot of the information in the first 3 modules would be a bit of a review for me, but what I didn’t expect was all the little “a-ha” moments and extra golden tidbits of information that I picked up: stuff I apparently missed the first time around in my learning. I love how Dave is able to present so much information in such a small amount of time, and still have it be so valuable and easy to implement and understand.

Chris March 4, 2015

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This is a great product. It’s like Online Marketing University and covers all the essentials of online marketing but with enough newer detail and strategic overview that anyone can learn from this.

There is enough here to teach you how to put a whole online marketing system together and is especially useful if you do either info product selling online or else offline / local / service based marketing.

I wish I had this when i first started. These are very high quality videos and Dave is a good presenter and is certainly the real deal who walks the walk.



Fraser March 4, 2015

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This is a great course. Each module is a little more or a little less than an hour of quality training. I’ve been a fan of David for a while because he has a way of explaining things in a manner anyone can understand … even if you aren’t familiar with it.

Within these modules, David reveals some very useful information that probably 98% of all internet marketers and “brick and mortar” business owners can use to become more profitable. He also reveals some pretty nifty secrets of the big boys that will allow you to capture serious cash.

The main reason I like David is he is completely down to earth, unbelievably honest, and an all around great guy.

Jon Steel March 4, 2015

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I had the luxury of accessing the competition crusher workshop videos and I have to say that the information shared is really useful and practical. I’ve only gone through the first 2 videos and I can already see that this product can really help beginners on their way to profitability. Heck, even seasoned marketers are able to gain from it especially from the view of refreshing oneself with what actually works.

To share some examples, I like what Dave said about talking to a single person in the videos. Such practice is simple and effective but is often forgotten by many. Another important concept shared is the emphasis on having your cash flow secured before one moves to the second phase of business. I gotta say that I myself didn’t thought about that when I started previously. Its’ really invaluable information.

Anyone who bought this product will definitely gain from it. Two thumbs up!

Alex March 4, 2015

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Dave gives such straightforward and valuable advice. His knowledge of SEO is incredible and his crusher workshop is so comprehensive and thorough…that it took me quite a while to take all of the information in. Thanks Dave, as usual you have over-delivered.

Karen March 4, 2015

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Very solid information Dave. There is so much that it is difficult for someone starting a business to take it all in. Plenty to think on and then prioritise. Action is the key, someone said. My first sales manager used to say when you have too much to do, do anything. It’s better than being overwhelmed and doing nothing!

I particularly liked the advice about doing the numbers. It’s essential. I have been on the wrong side of the equation in the past and it’s not a nice place. Be certain that whatever you invest time or resources in will generate a profit. Guessing is for amateurs.

The section on social media threw up some ideas I hadn’t thought of. Then again, I find myself too easily distracted from the main thing. Staying focused on the thing that brings in most of the business makes all the difference. When I stray from this principle, I end up working too many hours.

Congratulations on another great session Dave. I recommend it to all readers who are unsure how to build a business in this digital age.

Clive Miller March 4, 2015

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As always, the content is low in fluff and actionable. There’s nothing more annoying than spending hours watching a video course only to find they don’t actually give you anything specific you can follow. Dave is great at giving advice you can implement.

Matthew March 4, 2015

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I have bought other marketing & SEO courses before, but none of them actually helped me much. Dave’s system stands alone when it comes to marketing and SEO. I was lost in the woods, trying to find my way out of the confusing online marketing fog before I found his excellent step by step system.

After watching Dave’s videos I felt like a whole new world had been opened up to me and I now have the confidence (and results) to dominate any niche I choose.

Thanks Dave!!!

Matthew K. March 4, 2015

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Woooa Tons great info, practical and clear, very well organized. I am a serial entrepreneur myself and recently I got lost a bit into researching many ventures (digging holes too deep).

His “mapping organization” explored in this workshop, is a powerful tool for people with a busy creative brain who need to keep focus and moving toward a goal step by step.
This workshop is a must watch for every entrepreneur and small business owners.

I thought I knew at large most of the subjects covered but I found myself completely immersed in watching the videos one after the next and taking notes furiously.

Dave has been a life saver in keeping me on track.
He is a great mentor, very personable and cutting edge.
His workshops are getting better and better.

Elizabeth Lamond March 4, 2015

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I find people are usually good at one of two things.

1. There great at teaching what they know, but what they know doesn’t work.
2. They have a system that is very successful, but they don’t have the skills to teach it.

Dave is one of the rare jems who can do both.

The Competition Crusher Workshop is another home run hit, great job my friend.

Davey H March 4, 2015

default image

This is a great workshop. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy from Dave and I have to say the information is priceless.

Dave starts out giving a little background about how he got where he is today. Then he starts talking about what I think is the most important and most over looked thing by internet marketers just starting out today.

Cash Flow

This is something I think a lot of people just don’t think about. It is so easy to get lost in the day-to-day sometimes we don’t think about how we are going to pay for it all.

It’s like Dave says you need to get your finances in order then start to build your business.

The whole Internet Marketing thing is a tough egg to crack especially SEO but somehow Dave manages to deliver it Sunny Side Up not scrambled like all the other so called Gurus you see floating all over the internet.

Thanks Dave for all the great information.
I love what you are doing so please don’t ever stop.

Kenneth Bower March 4, 2015

default image

I finished the course today, and I can truly say it’s top-notch. I picked up lots of great stuff from it that I’m implementing right away!

Chris March 4, 2015

default image

Finally got through competition crusher and It was AWESOME CONTENT!!!!!!!!!! fantastic content and pretty much straight on the point.

Loved it, pretty much how I am setting up my business so was really relevant,

Joshua Bretag March 4, 2015

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The one thing I really like about David is his teachings are jammed packed with quality content. No padding, no drawing it out or making it harder than it has to be just straight to the point.

The Competition Crusher Workshop videos are excellent quality I found them to be easy to consume practical step by step processes that demonstrate many was to improve results. I know many business people will really benefit from watching these.

This has got everything strategies, tactics and a real grounding of how it all works, how to read all the signs and what to do next.

Thank you David for putting together yet other useful training we can all use to improve our business.

Gordon Cassells March 4, 2015

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I have previously done Dave’s SEO course and, as always, he has over delivered!! The Competition Crusher is everything you need to build a successful online (and offline) business!! I can’t believe how much useful information Dave has packed into this one-day course! Not only that but Dave is always genuine, transparent and generous with his knowledge and information. I would not hesitate to recommend The Competition Crusher to anyone wanting cutting-edge information on SEO or business in general!

Cath Thrupp March 4, 2015

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As of right now I’ve watched the first two Crusher workshops: The Master Plan and Usability Crusher and I’d have to say that I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the content that Dave’s putting out. The Master Plan is a great background of what you need to have outlined with your business plan (yes you have to have a SEO business plan :) and the different sources that your company needs to be generating income from. He said a great quote from Michael Gerber “Work on your business, not in your business”… that really hit the point that we, initially, need to work in your business to get it off the ground but then to set in place a exit strategy where you can get to the point of truly running your business. So, I was very impressed with the overall outline and new ideas that Dave presented with the Master Plan.

Dave has very interesting points of view in terms of the Usability Crusher section. I’ve studied conversion analysis and usability quite a bit previously to watching this section, so some of it was review for me. However, he brought some incredible engaging tips that I’ve never hear of… very cutting edge. I don’t want to ruine it for you and tell you everything about it :)

I’ll give you my update and thoughts on what I thought of the other sessions when I get there, but so far I’m very impressed! Thanks Dave!

Jason Noel March 4, 2015

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I finished the Crusher Workshop videos. David does such a great job at breaking down the enormous task of building an online business into manageable, step-by-step processes. Each video contains a wealth of information. Some reinforced what I was already doing, being a student of his SEO Method I. Then there were other parts that gave me new ideas.

I would recommend David Jennings and his workshops for anyone serious about being a market leader in their respective niche. There is too much junk out there with claims to get high rankings over night. This is never a good idea. Success takes time and it takes work. Those that try to avoid it eventually get burned. Those that embrace it and create systems to tackle it, soar to new heights.

David does this in a real, honest and respectable way. He is transparent in his workshops, relaying his real life stories of what he went through and what it has taken him to get to where he is. Not all of it was smooth or the best way, but he learned and grew from each stage of development. We now can benefit from his journey in order to make our own journey that much smoother and more successful.

Thanks, Dave. I look forward to what you will bring out next, knowing you are staying on the cutting edge of SEO and online marketing.

Matt Hiltibran March 4, 2015

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I’m simply blown away by how much actionable information Dave presents in The Competition Crusher videos! Everything is integrated into a systematic domination of your marketplace. Let’s put it this way – if you’re not putting into practice the things you learn in Competition Crusher, you better hope none of your competitors see these videos. As always, Dave has overdelivered, but it’s up to you do take this domination download and use it to turn your business around.

Mike Haydon March 4, 2015

default image

Dave, what a fantastic series of videos!

You present the information in such a user friendly, easy to absorb manner, and more importantly, the information and resources you present is bang up to date.

Everything is broken down into easily digestible bite sized chunks, which makes learning easy and retention of information very high.

I absolutely love your back story to how you accidentally became SEO experts, and your journey as an Entrepreneur.

As I already consult to offline businesses to give them an online presence, having access to your videos, is a great additional resource and tool set, to allow me and my team to produce even better results for our clients.

Thanks very much again.

Harold Tsiamis

Harold March 4, 2015

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Hey, looks like Dave’s latest has arrived. Super Excited to get my head around what this offers. First Product i bought from Dave single-handedly MADE my internet marketing career possible.

Either way, your doing something right.

P.S SEO method 1, nov 2011 did miracles for my Site even being two years old… Coming for someone who bought SEO method a week into internet marketing, and ranked in two months for Very competitive keywords really says something about Dave’s ability to guide even the most under-informed of us to success..

Cheers Dave, Keep em Coming

Ivan Andrianko March 4, 2015

default image

FINALLY managed to make the time to watch all nine of the videos in this product, and boy am I glad I made the time! I first started marketing online back in the days of Bulletin Board Systems (ask your father about them!), so I like to think I know a bit about the internet and marketing online, but I managed to scribble down 16 pages of notes and bullet points from the videos, so a relative newcomer will find these invaluable!

Dave is not a salesman, he is a teacher, so these videos give you a complete, step by step, do this first then do this, complete blueprint, without any of the hype and slick salesmanship that you get from most seminars and workshops. His methods are not theory, they have been proven to work in the toughest market of all, the share trading market, so if they work there, they will work in any market or niche.

If you are prepared to follow his methods step by step, you WILL get good results, even if you are a complete newcomer. Highly recommended product for all marketers or would-be marketers, no matter what stage you are at with your business.

Terry Chadban March 4, 2015

default image

Thank you very much Dave!

I really enjoyed all the 8 hours. I cant wait to apply it now!

Martin Matěj March 4, 2015

default image


I’ve finally had a chance to listen to the videos for Sessions 1 & 3. Very helpful and great stuff so far; probably the best money I spent this year on educational material!! Hey quick question though, do you give any advice regarding pricing especially web projects?

Erika Ashbrook March 4, 2015

default image

It is especially rewarding to see you continuing to practice what you preach in a simple and unequivocal way. Thanks for your willingness to spend your time in the lab testing what really works and then freely sharing the results with the rest of us.

Aleka Stone March 4, 2015

default image

Hey, I really appreciated the info and delivery however was really disappointed that you did not give: “A simple formula to calculate your business’ profit potential before risking a cent” which is why I was watching. Did I miss it??? If so or if not could you email it to me? Thanks A lot

Ryan March 4, 2015

default image

Thank you so very much….I have been listening to David’s Crusher videos for the past few days…please let him know that his teaching is LIFE CHANGING….the guy is absolutely brilliant, I am going to want to watch every video and listen to every audio that he has ever made (audio is my preferred method for learning). And currently on You Tube, that is approximately 665 videos! Love love love David!!

P.S. I originally found David from watching all of the Market Samurai videos on iTunes….

Susan Riegg MD March 4, 2015

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The Competition Crusher Workshop is excellent material Dave! Kudos for a complete guide to learning real-life steps to getting your website found on the web. Although this lecture series is geared towards local businesses and what they can do to optimize their business and website, there are many tips and techniques for any website owner to learn. Although I already knew many of the general techniques he talked about, he still provided a rich set of additional helpful tips and strategies that I could use to effectively implement in my business… golden nuggets indeed.

He does a great job of outlining what the issues and/or the problems are and then provides a clear strategy of what to do next with his Action Plans. I found that he provided useful strategies that I could implement immediately as well as providing approaches that could be applied in the long term to help my business’ continuing survival and growth. The whole thing is really quite awesome… Overdelivery of content indeed.

Overall this is well worth the investment, compared to all the other crap that’s flying around out there. Dave gives you solid information, solid steps to follow to help grow your business. Video quality is top-notch. Time to CRUSH IT…

Highly recommended!

Peter Tiedmann March 4, 2015